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Hal & Nikolaj are an established duo on the Scandinavian folk scene, taking up the reins again after a two year hiatus.

The two young musicians have solid groundings in both the celtic and scandinavian traditions, but play chiefly their own compositions with an unsurpassed originality and musical presence.

The landscape, they take us through is a harmonious whole made up of contrasts: mature and playful, sparkling and thoughtful, ethereal and grounded.

With their understated virtuosity and inventive arrangements, the two musicians make good use of the tools at their disposal.

Both on stage and on their critically acclaimed albums, their insistence on playing exactly as they please and rejection of artistic compromise is complemented by an ensnaring charm, giving their audience an unfailing musical experience.

"Simply a one-of-a-kind debut…The style is reminiscent of Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham, but Hal and Nikolaj are better. Rush out and buy this album now!"

Fyns Stifttidende newspaper 2008 – six stars

”...A beautiful recording with a mix of Celtic and contemporary music, wonderfully arranged and played. It comes in an elaborate hardback sleeve, with track notes written as poetry and all in English. Easily the best instrumental recording released in Denmark in 2008.”

Dirty Linen 2008 – US

"The two musicians have a technical capacity that enables them to pour a maximum of expression into their varied compositions... A debut that craves your attention"

Rootszone magazine 2008

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